Google has gone and done it now.

Made the Dishwasher’s Blog disappear just like that. No warning, no explanations, no

sympathy card. Nothing.

Fracking Bastard People!

Made me go ahead and export and import here where I’m still feeling my way around.

 After I got all the pictures I could of the doll house, I dismantled it

and it’s ready for its place in the attic. I’ve tucked all my most used tools into the linen

closet. I’ve pared down to the bone and though it was hard, really hard, I’m glad of it.

It needed to be done.

My Mom and cousins are coming at the end of the week. We’ll spend Thanksgiving

here cooking, eating and drinking.

Maybe baby James will arrive and we can add diaper changing, cooing and smiling like

crazy fools to the list.

That would be splendid.


  1. I'm just dumbfounded by the disappearance of the beloved Dishwashers Tears. Is he going to open elsewhere? How will we know? The cries, moans and howls from the universe must be deafening.


  2. Yolie, google (Blogger) sweeps the net constantly and any number of things trigger 'false positives' for SPAM, and yes it's wrong, but the b*stards simply remove the blog first…. ask questions later.

    Scott can appeal their decision and ask that his blog be reviewed.

    I wish he would. I read it every day and will sorely miss it.


  3. Yes. We all had a moment of panic. We are so glad it was “merely” technology.” Any chance Scott was hacked?
    But, but…Sweet Baby James?
    Oh my. You let us know when that baby gets here. We are so excited. We are sending so much love.
    (Don't know what's up with the “we's” today. Maybe I am feeling royal.)


  4. Hi WOTV,

    I am a visitor who usually doesn't comment… When I went to the Dishwasher's site and saw that it was gone I was completely worried about you guys. Glad all is well, except for google being haywire.

    Good luck with all your doings and rearranging. Sending you all good wishes for the transition.


  5. That's frightening. Guess I better back up my blog. I hope baby James arrives in a timely fashion and wishing a focused and positive delivery for mother and baby. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope the dishwasher moves his blog too.


  6. This is different, getting used to. Glad you're all good. And the baby has a gender and a name already? What organized parents! haha. (I'm just saying that b/c my granddaughter didn't have a name for a month after she was born.) I'm babbling.
    A little concerned about the Google mishap. I have some dormant blogs that I've closed the door to over the years but which I can still access. I wonder if they are in danger of being removed too?
    Say to hi to baby James and his mama. Hugs to you all.


  7. Ms Moon…you are Royal!
    we're thinking, yes, maybe he was hacked.
    we will let you know when that baby arrives, which will be
    any minute here. mama is growing larger and grumpier by
    the second!


  8. Elizabeth…
    evidently it's not uncommon. they shoot first, ask questions later.
    i think i did feel the earth shake for just a moment when i heard the news :O/
    he will be back.


  9. How did you set up over here so fast? And so elegantly. Most people look like a mess for a while. I love your layout, your fonts, it still feels like you. So glad you are all okay and preparing for a full house at thanksgiving. Baby James!


  10. Thanks Angella…It's still pretty bare bones, which I kind of like. The move was super easy.
    one click to export and another to import. then you have to move all the furniture around
    and hang the pictures.


  11. Dear Yo – Scott has not lost all his beautiful art and writing? What is going on? He must feel so tricked. I hope the words and images are saved – as I will be on the pre-release list for the book!
    I love the elegance of your new site. I'm glad you are sharing your art – as it always inspires me.

    love, Mary up north


  12. I am sick to my stomach. Those bastards at Blogger! That wasn't just a blog, it was art!
    I hope all of the content is intact, and Scott is back showing and telling here at wordpress in no time.

    Your new blog is lovely in it's simplicity. I like it very much.

    Best wishes for the coming addition to your family.



  13. Hi Mary…Thank you.
    still waiting to see what happened to the dishwasher. he saved much of it but not the last few months.
    it's a shock.


  14. Hello! Ah a beautiful new cyber-space. I brought some incense and some snickerdoodles and some guacamole and some figs and some wine with a pink label I found last night. The wine's name is Bitch. I dreamed baby last night. Actually three nights in a row.
    love to all of you,


  15. Ms Radish! Welcome welcome…thanks for bringing the snickerdoodles and especially the figs! and Bitch wine. Let the wild rumpus begin!
    I'm packing my hospital bag today. This seems like a good list of things to include.


  16. Yolie! Scott can copy all his blog right off the net! I was just in his blog now! It's all still there, just as he left it.

    And from the main page, he can 'right click' on each archived link and see THOSE too.

    (This 'removal' crap has bothered me for days now. I see it happening all the time to people so I've been workin' at it… noodling and noodling.)

    Here's what to do

    Go to GOOGLE. In their search bar, simply type cache: before the link. (no space before the link itself. Try it.


    It comes right up. After he copies everything, and saves it- pictures too, he can do the same for EACH ARCHIVED LINK ON THE SIDEBAR, such as


    and so on. Those older ones resolve as well.

    Now….. I did a 'view source' on his page code. I'm seeing a link in there that is NOT showing when his blog is viewed. I took a page capture of that bit of code: it'sjust below the 'Blogger Button' code on the sidebar and beneath all his archived links. If Scott didn't put it in there, then some hacker injected it.

    (You can view that code by clicking on the picture I made of it right here…)

    From what I've read of this, it's some kind of 'writing contest' trying to get hits for popularity or something. (Sounds fishy to me. I've included a link to a discussion site about that.)

    Perhaps Google/Blogger has picked that up as a 'spam link', or a malicious code.


    Here's hoping this helps out. At least with the cache procedure, he'll be able to reassemble the material from the blog that he's missing.

    I myself have not been able to log into Blogger normally since April. I have to go through a proxy to get to my own site, so I've gotten pretty good at rescuing stuff or finding some other way.

    All best to you, guys.

    You're both wonders. – Karen


  17. Very excited for you guys. I have seven grandchildren now, and MAN! there's nothing like it!

    That little one is going to have a very cozy nest indeed. Your photos of your home are always so COLORFUL and full of life…… with an orderliness I'll never have if I live to be a hundred.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your expanded family.- Karen


  18. I'm in West Palm Beach, so when you come for Mom, I'll be waiting for you as well…..with my bags packed!!!! Seriously, gorgeous room, and definitely not too much, just perfect!!! As for the Dishwasher…..Holy caca…..what is up with Blogger???


  19. 7 grandchildren! wow. that's a whole lotta love right there. Em's midwife told me having grandchildren is like falling in love.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Karen! and thank you for all your help.


  20. I was alarmed, to say the least, when I found the dishwasher's place erased. He will return you, you assure me.

    Please let him know he is missed.

    Tell my brother to come back soon.


  21. The stuttering was accidental, unintentional….but I guess it indicates how shook up I was to find the Dishwasher's home gone.

    I like your new digs. Had a blogger friend way back when blogger and blogging was relatively new who swore that wordpress was the better option.

    I likey. I likey.


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