Mom’s new digs…

It’s been a wild ride around here. We’ve managed to re-arrange our little space to accommodate 7 people. Though only 5 will remain after the festivities and one will be really tiny and will fit into the crook of my arms. Yesterday the wild woman and I went through all his little clothes and folded and organized everything. He has more clothes than anyone else in the house and many of them have monkeys on them.

Lu is all a twitter. She loves snuggling up next to the wild woman’s big belly and she is always watching watching to see what the wild woman will do next. Eat something? Is it toast? Is there peanut butter on it?


Tomorrow we drive up to SF to pick up my mom. It will be a quick quick banzai trip. No japanese bookstore or ichibankan or Thai massage. Just only eating lunch somewhere in the ferry terminal and farmer’s market shopping maybe.

I’m excited to have my mom here. I’ve made accommodations…

I know I know… too much going on here. Too many textiles! Is there such a thing? I have nowhere else to put them AND she can pile them on the bed and be toasty warm since she says it’s too cold here. I’ve got some warm jammies and socks there for her too.

It’s not a big room and it’s the coldest one in the house but we’ve got a portable heater in there and quilts and hands and paintings and there is one quiet moment…

When the door is closed.

and pretty green vases by the bed…I may find some flowers blooming in the garden to tuck in one.

I'm listening

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