Easier said than done. But I’m giving it a go. The post Thanksgiving exhaustion should be interesting, given that I’m already beyond that. I’m ready for my nap now Mr DeMille! Yesterday I tweaked my back. One of those just standing there and all of a sudden your back goes into spasm from all the shit you’ve been lifting and hauling the week before deals. Like your back just waits until your still for a moment and then sticks the knife in. Nothing some Supta Padangusthasana won’t take care of.  If I can get to it.

Wishing you all a beautiful, peaceful, full of love, tasty holiday!


  1. Thanks Ms M. we're quite a pair….you with your knee and I won't go into the longer list of
    injured limbs because I'm trying to follow the Buddhist slogan not to talk about my injured limbs!
    Here's to hobbling along on old bones!


  2. Warm compresses, gentle massage…….. rest. Let others help out.

    (You've moved a few WORLDS lately. 'Atlas' didn't just shrug….. he hauled ass. 🙂

    Good wishes from here. Good food, time to savor, hands held tight. – Karen


  3. Dearest Yolanda, your back is telling you to GET THE FUCK OUT OF DODGE. That's right. I'm bringing my SO no Buddhist potty mouth right here in your brand new space to tell you a hurt back hurts your entire all over body and you need to have a good shot of whiskey and lie down and watch any sentimental or stunning movie you want while everyone waits on you hand and foot. I divine that it's your turn. That you deserve it and that your back is telling you.

    Me I'm in my jammies looking out at the trees and freezing waiting for the same.



  4. Dear Rebecca, I wish I could get the fuck out of dodge!!!!!
    I lived through it with a little help from some vodka, I'm too wimpy for whisky!
    and now, finally settling in to watch a movie.
    Love you!


  5. Pamela….thank you! I believe that is depression glass but it isn't my garden….my garden
    is a sorry mess at the moment.
    Welcome to Baby World!


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