Not James the Cable Guy!

The world’s cutest, sweetest most perfect baby boy. For real. Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Grandfather and bulldog, all doing well. Well….maybe the bulldog isn’t doing that well. Not being able to play with the new toy is a bit…unfair.

Babies aren’t that much work after all but they do require lots of staring at. I feel like I haven’t taken my eyes off him since he was born. It kind of hurts my eyes a little NOT to be staring at him. I remember that very same feeling when my own wild woman was born.

So that happened.

PS. The name change came suddenly and I have not been able to make the adjustment.  I am not alone. Everyone, including his mother, still calls him James even though she decided he wasn’t a James he’s a Kaleb. Which I am also not adjusting to very well, hence  Not James the Cable Guy.

I'm listening

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