The Cat’s out of the Band

We watched that Miranda July movie last night.

The Future.

I thought she was trying too hard. Life is weird enough, no need for so much embellishment. Just my opinion. But there was this line I’m sure I misheard.

The Cat’s out of the Band.

Maybe I didn’t. I don’t know for sure. I’m tired and trying to recover wits I probably never had.  Mother Dearest is gone home and her departure left something in it’s wake. Relief… Regret?

I bathed the dog and mopped the floor.  I made a pot of rice and beans to eat with kimchi and avocado, my Puerto Rican meets Korean comfort food.  Something my dear Husband so graciously endures.

I am finishing the Alice Hoffman novel we listened to on the way to SF. She has used “he cried for his mother” about thirty times when describing someone’s fear but I can’t leave a story this far into it. It’s an illness, a compulsion, an embarrassing condition, like dandruff or BO.

I need to finish it no matter how bad or stupid or stinky it is.

That stupid cat is most definitely

out of the band.


  1. There was one Alice Hoffman book I loved- Turtle Moon?
    And then. Oh well.

    Bless. Be happy in your space minus one person.

    Could the cat be out of the bag? Band. Whatever. THAT CAT IS OUT, DAMMIT!


  2. I’d never heard of Miranda July so your entry had me googlng and reading all about her. I love when I’m prompted to learn more after reading something. (Plus, ‘the cat is out of the band’ made me laugh out loud.) Sounds like you’re experiencing ‘after Christmas, after houseguests’ January ennui. It’s a big club, though I appreciate things receding to their pre-holiday ‘leave me alone quiet’, but you’re probably still dizzied having experienced such a life-change recently. Wonderful or not, these things throw us for a loop. Tend to produce some new existential bends.

    Whether it’s lfe-changing sorrow OR joy…. both shake things up.

    The cat’s out of the band! (But sweet Lu is still around, claws ticking on the floor, being the wrinkle-faced Buddha of ‘everything’s ok.’ )

    You’re solid yet buoyant, Yoli… whatever the sea change. It’s what makes us gather around you.

    Much love for the new year. Many thrills to unfold.



    • Dear Karen….glad you followed the Miranda July thread. She’s an interesting artist and though I didn’t really like the aforementioned movie I did love her first one, Me You and Everyone We Know.
      I’m slowly slogging through and I appreciate knowing I’m not alone! Thank you.
      Love to you and yours.


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