one amazing thing…

I came across this morning…


Picture 1



This “painting” is made entirely of denim. Jeans.

from Ian Berry’s web page…

“I was about 14 and we were going to a family party. I wanted to wear my favourite pair of jeans, but my mum had other ideas. Out instead came the corduroy.”

From that to these amazing works. GO SEE HERE



One more amazing thing…

I made a green smoothie this morning and I’m drinking/chewing my way through it before I go for my walk. I don’t like smoothies much mainly because I don’t like thick drinks. I prefer my drinks smooth and skinny but I’ve decided to give smoothies a chance because juicing my veggies, which I do enjoy, seems so wasteful, all that pulp and no compost pile to throw it into. A waste.

ok three amazing things!

The last one is a book I finished a couple of weeks ago by Chitra Divakaruni, titled, One Amazing Thing. It was a quick read with an ending I’m still grappling with but with characters I’m still thinking about.  A great set-up for a story, nine people trapped and struggling to survive an earthquake.

There are other amazing things about to happen.


I'm listening

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