Fog Lesson

this morning i walked the east/west ranch through a light layer of fog.i walked the maze of sometimes muddy paths,up and down the hills and then down to the gravel path now strewn with earthworms after the rains.
the fog had lifted in perfect time with my thinking. i was replaying the now giant angry dialogue i’ve been playing in my head when in jumped the thought that i could just let that anger go and replace it with good will instead and just like that, i did.
now who knows how long something so simple can last? Maybe not very long, after all it wasn’t an earth moving realization or feeling, it was quiet but it got my attention and made me stop and choose a different path and i can choose that path again and again until it is so well worn that it becomes the path i walk effortlessly.
it felt like the fog and the hills and dead grasses and mud and ocean were all in on it. all there for my education on being.
thank you.


I'm listening

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