Postcard from Big Sur

Last week I drove up the coast to hike one of over 80 hikes listed in a book from the library. I found Salmon Creek falls, an easy and short hike up through the redwoods. It was warm and sunny and the drive was fairly easy as it’s “off season” so there wasn’t much traffic and only one minor delay as work crews clean parts of the mountain off the road. This road closes at least once a year due to landslides leaving the handful of residents who are brave and lucky enough to live there, stranded. It’s wild and breathtaking country that I’ve only ever experienced once before when I visited Esalen. I felt it then and I felt it again last week walking those woods. Why haven’t I come up here every chance I get? The answer is that enlightenment isn’t something you attain, it’s something you remember and it doesn’t always stick. It slips away while you’re navigating life so you have to keep reminding yourself until it does stick. That is all.

I'm listening

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