Dallas Bound

I’m on my way to Dallas for a quick family get together. The Monk and my Mom will be there, all of us blessing my cousins’ new digs and life path.

For the trip I picked up a book from the library titled Sweeping Changes by Gary Thorp, Discovering the Joy of Zen in Everyday Tasks. It fit perfectly in my bag and with my thinking this morning as I started to plan what I will do when I get back home.

Always thinking, always planning. It is my nature, it is what makes being still so challenging. The monkey brain never seems to tire of it’s endless doingness.

There is this from the book…

“There is always something to remind you of what still needs to be done. There is no way to arrive at “finished.” There is no road leading to “perfect.” There is just some wandering atom of life, some single bit of dust, that calls you to attention and keeps bringing you back to your life.”

The image is a digital collage made on my trusty pad. Its always so fun playing with my little brushes app.

I'm listening

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