Sad Happy Gray

Dallas is gray. The sun is taking a holiday elsewhere.
Yesterday my cousin’s co-worker took us on a tour of a cat sanctuary/rescue, where he and his wife volunteer. There was every kind of exotic cat, meaning any non house cat, though apparently some do believe a bengal tiger cute enough to keep when it’s little.

So, there were lions and tigers and cougars and many others I don’t remember and have never heard of. It was a long day. I wondered about Toxoplasmosis, Cat Box Disease. I think I saw this parasite in action yesterday. These volunteers were maybe a little too…vigorous.

Making birthday cards for the cats, reading to them, playing guitar for them. I thought of the father in Life of Pi telling his son Richard Parker, the bengal tiger, was NOT his friend.

These cats were of course, beautiful and also terribly sad. Life in wire cages. There were these sad little tributes on the cages for cats that had died.

I can’t figure out how to post more than one picture at a time…

I’m having a wonderful time with mother, monk and cousins. All such amazing and profoundly beautiful people.


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