Anger, Sugar and Cheese

Our motley crew visited a Buddhist temple yesterday. We met a very sweet Vietnamese woman who gave me 4 books, one on how to deal with anger. That she made it a point to specifically give me the book on anger was obvious to everyone and later I remembered this issue was also pointed out to me at our family meeting last year. Alright already!
Rather than grapple or ignore it I have decided to take a different approach with this relentless stalking beast. I’m looking it in the eyes, all of them, and making it welcome, serving it a delicious meal, offering it a comfortable chair to sit in, letting it borrow my favorite slippers…
make it my friend.

Eating has been an issue. My normal diet is simple and clean. No animals or animal products and no processed foods, that means no breads or pasta or cheese, just fruit and vegetables and nuts and beans and seeds and sometimes whole grains. This seems like craziness to everyone. It’s NOT! I feel good eating like that, it makes sense to me, for me. Here, living communally it isn’t really working. I’ve been eating cheese! And sugar!
We drove by a Cinnabon yesterday and the Monk just about had a coronary. He has a mad sweet tooth and there was nothing for it, we had to go in and I tried, ok, not very hard, but I did try to resist,but in the end I had to have a bite. Maybe two. That was plenty. I marveled that one could eat a pillow sized cinnamon bun swimming in a pool of sugar and not drop dead on the spot.

We all took a nap when we got home.

What’s in store for today?
The Monk and I are cooking tonight so yay, I will make a dense salad to go with the cheesy zucchini concoction the monk has in mind.

I will serve The Beast his portion.


  1. it is hard for me to imagine you angry. you seem so serene to me, or rather you dispense bits of wisdom the leave ME serene. thank you friend. and yes, there is no other way but to invite the beast in. i do agree.


    • Angella, Serenity is my default position. That is why I have been so “thrown” by this deluge of anger this past year. I felt swallowed up by it and haven’t developed any mad skills for dealing with it. It seems more than acceptance is in order. I don’t want to embrace it exactly but make room for it to come in and have a cuppa and talk it all out and then leave, satisfied that it has been acknowledged. Sounds good anyway. Better than having it quietly eating my liver! xxoo yo


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