releasing, recharging and watching the black cat…

I’ve been back from Texas a couple of weeks. They have been very busy weeks. We did a major purging of unnecessary stuff and organized closets, cupboards, rooms, attic and house. It feels clean, clear and simple. Like a new space, definitely a refreshed space and it has certainly helped with overall outlook.
I also started a new project. I am making little 3×5 collages. I give myself a time limit and just go through my stash and quickly create. It started as a carefree warm up exercise but looking at the results gave me the idea of making a large stack of them and filling a wall once I have accumulated enough of them. I miss cutting and gluing, it’s been years and it feels great to be back AND to have a purpose for them so they don’t languish in a drawer or trash can somewhere.
It is spring, the daffodils and lilies are blooming and the cerinthe is muscling its way around everything. A huge black cat has moved into the yard, way in the back. He sits next to the Buddha statue.


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