playing with plants…





A pot of cotoneaster. I think it’s cotoneaster, I could be wrong and would appreciate being corrected.
If you gather and boil these for an hour or more and then strain them and throw some fabric in the pot and boil for another hour or so, you get a darker tea stained mustardy color.

Here’s what I started with…




and here’s what I ended up with…





unfortunately I can only get pictures uploaded through Instagram as our computer situation is still tenuous at best. The dyed color is quite a bit deeper in true life than in this photo. Not a dramatic color but very pretty and very pleasing for my first foray into natural dyeing. I’ve got a pot of Hardenbergia simmering on the stove for my next experiment. I have jars of gooey looking liquids lining the laundry room window sill.

truly I have become an old crone.


I'm listening

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