1. I remember being on a Beach in California in 1967 and stepping on those kinds of sea weeds that popped. I went to the beach in SC this weekend and brought home shells little shells.


    • Kristin, so you know how very different this coast is from the east! Those little popping pods and the gorgeous rock formations are what’s inspiring me here. No shells in sight! Hope you found some great ones! xxoo


      • Just like the mountains are so different in the east and the west. I used to have a rock just like that one with the line in it. I wonder if I still do. I got some shell that I thought was broken pottery at first, it was so think and looked designed on the outside. And lots of very small, perfect shells.


  2. I have jars filled with beach treasure scattered throughout my house, and yet I want more. Beachcombing is my idea of a perfect thing to do, and nature’s treasures are the best. Sea glass is my favorite, but I also have an obsession with shark teeth. I will never have enough, never stop wishing to return to the shore. Thanks for the lovely, lovely images that take me there in spirit.


    • Mel, of course you want more! 10″ of snow?!! I can’t wrap my little mind around that at the moment though I have some very faded memories of living through such events. I’m happy to provide such imagery for you and happy you like them. Until you return to the shore… love, yo


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