It was our anniversary day before yesterday. 26 years of fun and games and chaos and madness and mess and all the stuff that makes up a life. A really really rich and beautiful life. romance

Tearful now has the cold/allergy/flu/hellishly tenacious crud that had me in its grip for a month so we remained calm and had a super lovely day beginning with breakfast with our  daughter and grandbaby, the new comedian in the family.

People, there is no greater joy than having a grandbaby. For real.



  1. Ah! I can finally comment to your posts again!
    I'm so glad.
    Happy anniversary. I hope that Tearful Guy feels better soon.
    And yes, grandbabies are the very best things ever.
    Welcome back to the neighborhood, dear.


  2. I don't know why I'm not getting these comments forwarded to my email! I've just seen these.
    Thank you all.

    Kristin, 44 years? wow. Congratulations!

    Ms Moon! thank you!

    And Angella, we were all falling in love at around the same time and in the same city! We lived in Brooklyn then.


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