the other morning i was up and out the door at the crack of dawn to drive my daughter to work. on the way back i saw a young woman standing in front of a doorway holding a gold vase in her outstretched to the heavens arms, pouring something out onto the ground.

what ritual was i witnessing i wonder?

it was such a beautiful gesture, this offering. something so out of place, so…primal.
it was one of those moments where i have to ask myself, did i really just see that or hear that?
i don’t always believe what i see or think or hear. i am never completely certain of things.


  1. you can be certain of this, because it entered your heart. it moved you to wonder, so it was completely real. but there is a wistful note to this post. i suspect you are not done wondering about this gesture. perhaps it is less what the ritual was for the woman you saw and more what this glimpse of it meant to you?


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