Reptile Visitations

I am feeling:

put upon

I am none of these things.
They are, after all, only feelings. Flighty things that can come on like a fierce storm or

 creep in like a lizard…

This crocodile like creature showed up last night and hung around longer than I wanted and then quietly disappeared.

Just like those pesky feelings.

This morning I was walking the hills when I came upon a snake draped across my path and I thought what the what is with the reptile visitations? The snake would not budge no matter how many stones and curses I flung at it. It lay there looking at me, my heart racing, alone on that hillside.  I finally walked into the dry brush to walk around it. I made it out alive. Barely.

So it’s like that today.

Feelings and snakes.

They come they go. You can throw stones and curse if you want.


  1. It started out that way here in new York too but I am happy to note that after I walked out of work in the middle of the afternoon and finished my editing assignments from the serenity of my home the day got immeasurably better. I love the wisdom and poetry of this, the making peace with our human condition. It has occurred to me lately that women deeply need other women. I need you. Your gentle insight. Your kindness. Your friendship and understanding. I hope your day improved too dear Yolie. The autocorrect on my kindle fire keeps trying to make your name say “holier”. Manes sense to me!


  2. I love what Angella said — if Ms. Moon and she are the beacons on the east coast, perhaps you and I are holding down the west. We all seem to have been in similar moods today —


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