It can all change in one hot second. One hot, sticky Florida second.
There I was… and here I am. In Florida with mum who took a tumble and needs some supervision. She’s ok but in pain, when she doesn’t take her pain meds. She hates pain meds and that’s how I know she’s in serious pain, because she’s actually taking them.
I’m at the library because internet and phone are both sketchy at her place and I like this library. I used to come here when I was pregnant with The Wild Woman. She was born here, not in the library, but in a Birthing Room across the street from the hospital, 22 years ago this very month.

Today’s temperature 87
RealFeel 98. No lie.

The image is of a quilt I made a few years ago.

Om Shanti


  1. Life just throws one damn curveball after another, doesn't it? Well. Welcome to Florida. It's sort of nice to know your daughter was born in my state.
    Also, that quilt is beautiful.
    And I hope your mama feels lots better very soon.


  2. Oh, I hope your mama heals quickly. I love the quilt — do you know that I carry around the little Buddha jute zipper bag every day? I think of you, too, when I pull something out of it, and it gets lots of admiring looks and comments!


  3. oh sorry about your Mother… glad you were able to be with her. wild woman? hahaaa oh, me.

    It was 100 here today ~ with heat index? 110. tooooo hot

    beautiful quilt


  4. Angella, I don't know how long I'll be. She seems pretty fragile right now…

    Ms Moon, it's strange to think of it. To think I was as big and as uncomfortable as I've ever been.

    Elizabeth, It makes me happy to think of that Buddha you carry with you.

    my girl is indeed the Wildest Woman I've ever known.
    It's 87 today
    RealFeel 100
    humidity? well, I could use some gills right about now.


  5. I hope you and your mother have some good time together even with the pain and meds. Nice to think of you in the next state over. It was 90 something here today and felt like 98, but it didn't rain.


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