TV is the devil. With my mom in the hospital there are no Novellas on and so I am left to my own devices. I like the old movies channel and the cooking channel mostly. The movie channel is awesome because there aren’t any commercials but on the cooking and every other channel, there are commercials and at night they’re all about food and lord, they make nasty meat look tasty. See what I mean? The devil. Today I found myself in the kitchen cooking along with the Barefoot Contessa. Why hasn’t someone arrested that woman? She made a grilled cheese sandwich that required 1 cup of mayonnaise along with the cheese and mustard. I had to stop watching to turn my roasting veggies so I don’t know what all else she put in there.
To offset the results of all this food related activity, I am swimming in the pool everyday. I love it. It’s the only time I’m outside for more than the time it takes to get in and out of the car.

When I’m not looking at food on TV or eating it, I’m looking on craigslist for my next vehicle. Pickings are slim but I did find this. A little over priced, but you do get your money back so…

I don’t know what this is but I want to eat it.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Whoa! A time machine! That's…well…you know.
    This heat must be killing you, dear Yo. I think you need some of that dessert, whatever it is. Sometimes you have to take comfort where you can find it.
    I am thinking of you.


  2. HAHaaaaaaa … now, you see? that's why I'm fat… food was/is my drug.

    I have been telling myself that what they are showing on the teevee is nasty… who likes cheese melted in between bread that's frying in butter … big thick chunks of cheese and butter and bread and today???!!! coconut cake from Charleston, South Carolina … 77 layers and full of rich cream and coconut and moist and Kathie Lee licking her mouth ~ she can eat coconut cake because she works it off and all I'll do is want more.

    A curse, I say… and on Facebook? please … crusty cream cheese peach cobbler. I told that particular friend who posts recipes almost nonstop … I'm gonna unfriend her… we've been pals since 5th grade… she's still mean … evil.

    grease and fat and sugar are not my friend … they are evil. evil. evil things.

    $25,000? well? might be worth it. I've always wanted one. and you get your money back… I think it's a helluva deal…

    I was so freaking miserable watching my Mother die… no damn sense to it but … it's what we do. I went to the local college and swam laps there … that and pie saved my sanity… plus I got a great belly for g'baby naps out of the situation … 😉


  3. Looks like strawberry cream something or other — icebox cake? I would like to travel back in time and be nineteen, actually, standing on the steps of Wilson Library with my boyfriend. I'd be wearing my bohemian red skirt and carrying my books on my hip.


  4. I would like to travel back to when I was 19 too. I'd be meeting my future husband in the Detroit Public Library. And I would know more than I did then.

    The food channel sounds depressing.


  5. Ms Moon, yes the heat is almost killing me and believe me, the last thing I need is more dessert! Though I would not refuse one bite of this whatever it is.

    Carolyn, 77 layers? Is there no end to this madness? No of course there isn't.
    Swimming laps is helping tremendously. As is dessert.

    Elizabeth, Icebox cake? I will have to investigate this further.
    I would not be 19 again if I could. I would have the 19 yr old body, yes, and the bohemian red skirt sounds divine but I was a hell beast @ 19.

    Kristin, the food channel is depressing but I am compelled. I can't look away.
    Obviously there was a lot going on at the library. I should have spent more time there when I was 19. I'm making up for it now.


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