All Happiness

And so it does. 
I’m in LA at my cousin’s house. The Monk is here also and this morning was “the brunch”. We all voted down IHOP, his preferred brunch spot. Instead we went to a sweet little cafe spot that served fresh and wonderful food and made us all happy.
We came home and everyone drifted into their own space. I sat and listened to my book and worked my knitting while the Monk watched a horror movie in his room and did his beading, my cousin watched the US get beat by Belgium in another room and I could hear my other cousin blowing his horn in his study.  We came together for a swim in the pool and a soak in the jacuzzi where we talked about movies and the Monk asked what we are doing to replenish the 25,000 breaths we take each day. He wants us to plant trees and make compost. 
My cousins are so gracious and elegant and serene. Their home is a sanctuary. A perfect place to begin our road trip.


  1. Ms Mary…it is and it does. A strange state of being.

    Angella…I have been just so lucky. This cousin is more a sister and then she went and married the most divine man who CAN cook!

    Elizabeth…you'd be surprised how much I think of you when I'm in the area. Not to mention how much I think of you in general.


  2. I don't know what to say… except … what a fine thing! “All Happiness” …

    I must have done something or other in another life or … wherever my mind came from .. to piss the whoevers that determine where you land this time off!

    What a wonderful place and cousins. All I have are religious self righteous … go cook or clean something type people in my ENTIRE family … both sides and freakin inlaws.

    I did something to piss off the universe.. sure did.

    wonder what I'll be next time and if I'll remember that I … probably not.

    Their home is a sanctuary… that is so … freakin cool, Yolanda..


  3. Carolyn, it is such a fine thing! and I have plenty of those religious
    and other assorted freaks in my family too.
    The Monk says do good deeds for advancement in your next incarnation. It all sounds the same to me. Do good to get into heaven and so forth. I say do good for good sake.


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