Breakfast in Gallup

Meth head at breakfast buffet asks Monk if he likes staying here. Monk says yea it’s really nice but did you know that Gallup has the highest rate of alcoholism in the country? “That’s why we’re here, to address this scourge”, says the Monk.

We rolled into town late yesterday evening and started looking for a hotel. I don’t believe in making reservations. I want to see and feel whats the what before I commit and then I want to think it to death and have someone else make the decision and then second guess them and then go to sleep. It’s worked great so far, especially because the Monk loves making decisions based on some mathematical formula he devises on the spot.
Yesterday the decision was easy. The place we settled on had no cars in the parking lot and as we were rolling through I noticed three very unsavory looking characters walking towards the entrance of the hotel, one walking towards our car making some hand gesture.  I didn’t have to second guess myself on that decision, wondering if the poor man was only asking for food or directions, the Monk backed my play.

The Monk receives Buddhist icons from his congregation. When any congregant dies, their families bring them to the temple for the Monks to “release”.  You don’t just throw them away.  So the Monk is “releasing” them. He brought three or four with him and wants to leave one in each state. So yesterday while looking for and not finding the Grand Canyon, we released one (a beautiful Quan Yin) in some BLM land just outside Walnut Canyon National Park. There were cliff dwellings you could actually hike to! We didn’t, unfortunately,  but we did go to the museum and learned that these Indians did to their environment what we’re doing to ours. Depleting it until there is nothing left and then you have to leave and then you die.

That is not a gas can! It’s the bag he carried the Quan Yin in. He found a beautiful spot in a tree. She looked luminous gazing out at the forest. I couldn’t get a good picture of her.

We press on today to Taos.


  1. I am savoring each word … from meth head at the breakfast buffet to missing the Grand Canyon .. ha? to a mathematical formula to icons to release … fascinating

    and absolutely ~ “and learned that these Indians did to their environment what we're doing to ours. Depleting it until there is nothing left and then you have to leave and then you die.”

    I was totally in shock when I went through several Native American cities/towns/areas … absolutely depressing … I know you have a lot more interesting stuff to do than read my ol blog post .. but your post reminded me of how disappointed I was …. so went back and read… dang! what happened…

    I can hardly wait until you do your updates… loving this, Yolanda…


  2. “while looking for and not finding the Grand Canyon”

    Ah, yes… also love your description of your part in choosing a hotel…


  3. Angella, yea. This is freedom.

    Ms Moon, I am so happy you are enjoying it with us!

    Carolyn, I will have to go read your post when I have a minute. I know exactly what you mean. Some of these places are so sad and downtrodden.

    Elizabeth, So glad you are following along.

    A, Can you believe it? WTF! How do you miss the Grand Canyon? Evidently it's easy to miss if you're me.


  4. Love your posts. I have to relate this humorous misreading, however! About the Monk bringing the icons of the deceased: I read the sentence, though, as saying the family brought the congregants to him and that the two of you were traveling with 2-3 dead bodies “to be released”!

    What?? Then I reread. Thankfully. Haha


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