Nurse Yolie

I’m in LA for the week playing nurse for my cousin who is recovering from knee surgery.  I’m an ok nurse. I can get her water for her meds and change out her ice machine but I am a sorry substitute for her husband who is one of the best cooks I know.  I feel like I’m in church when I’m in his kitchen. Like I should light candles and incense before touching any of his beautiful pots and pans. She will just have to suck it up and eat my slop til he gets home. 
I miss him so.
Bless her heart, she hasn’t cried once since he left.
Meanwhile I’ve shed a few tears trying to figure out how to use his coffee maker. And the TV remote. 


  1. Nurse Yolie sounds great. I hope I pass you somewhere on the street, we recognize each other and can give one another a hug. I'll carry around my little burlap Buddha bag just in case.


  2. Ms Moon, That I can do!

    Elizabeth! I'd recognize your beautiful face anywhere. I'm not in your neighborhood though.This is “the valley” I think. Canoga Pk, Woodland Hills.


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