Mantras for Precarious Times

Deva Premal

A miraculous cure for a cranky baby. He lays in his bouncy chair staring out the french doors, eyes at half mast. Thank you Pandora for Tibetan Chant Radio.

Little Dog curled into a donut on the sofa.

Little boy playing with his dinosaurs in the dirt.

Yes. There is a new member of the tribe. His name is Bruce. Bruce Wayne.

Es muy guapo. 
The kids are teasing because I’ve bought him a couple of things, one of which is a sweater. It has skulls on it for dog’s sake! They are worried I’ll turn into an old lady with too many cats. And rightly so.


  1. little cutie pie! I like Pandora also … mellowed out ~ LOVE your patio, Yolanda~ and the little boy innit … that is Mr. Chips, right?

    and hello Bruce Wayne… some mighty big ears y’got there boy … HAHaaa


  2. LKD! Lu is here! She's here. She's deaf as a post, blind as a bat and stinky as stinky cheese but she still manages to find Bruce every now and then and stick her butt in his face. She is not a subtle girl.


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