Grace Just Is

We are working our way east faster than planned. Triple digit temps throughout Utah ruled out Moab and Arches NP and other spots I had hoped to explore. Instead we are powering through to Colorado. The Rockies or Bust!

We tried to find a tortoise preserve in St George Utah and found goats instead, grazing along a long and winding washboard road. We never found the tortoises but we did find a delicious breakfast for lunch meal at the Black Bear Diner where one of the kitchen staff came out and asked, through an interpreter, to take a photo with the monk. Celebrity monk.


We pressed on to find a camp at higher elevation and found one in a valley surrounded by giant rock formations. Utah has lots of those.


It was a fine camp for one night.

Last night we made camp in a hotel and we watched the President of the United States sing Amazing Grace. Yes. It was amazing and yes we are filled with grace, whether we deserve it or not. Grace just is.



    • Elsewhere, the monk is an old friend who lives at his temple in NYC. We meet once a year for a road trip or to visit my mom. He is a Buddhist Monk very involved in community work and spends a good part of his year traveling to China and Taiwan mostly.


  1. thanks! What an inspirational way to live – for both of you – and thanks for sharing bits of it on this blog!


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