Digging Deeper

I fell down a deep hole when I got back from my Monk and Me Road Trip.

I haven’t climbed out. I’m digging deeper and excavating all sorts of stuff.

This morning I was walking through a grove of young pine trees. They were so green they were practically glowing but there was one that was long gone. Gray and brittle, limbs falling, not one spark of life left in it. The unlucky one?

Joseph Campbell was once granted an audience with Sri Krishna Menon and his question to him was, “Since all is brahman, since all is the divine radiance, how can we say no to anything? How can we say no to ignorance? How can we say no to brutality? How can we say no to anything?”

To this Sri Krishna Menon said “For you and me, we say yes.”

We can go ahead and say no. It will make no difference.

Just saying.


Here’s your moment of zen.



  1. Rosemary, I am dreaming about the day I can sit and have a glass of wine or cup of tea and tell you all about the deep hole.
    Right at the moment I’m thigh deep in babies!!!


  2. sometimes I say no. As long as I need to.
    And than something in me starts whispering yes. Until it’s loud enough for me to hear it again.


  3. I wish you some calm soon. Last week I was knee deep in babies, daughters, granddaughters but they are all in their own spaces this week and it is calm and quiet. I am trying to figure out how to make the inner as peaceful as the outer. The zen photo is wonderful.


  4. The clock on the wall hands pointing to the cow in the painting below that is looking at the billowed curtain bespeckled with flowers that resemble floating spiders aglow in a late day sun that casts shadows on the table the resemble delicate lacey webs is just about the most beautifully zenny image I’ve ever laid eyes on. Forgive me my run on sentence. But my oh my that image does run on.


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