It’s done. We are officially homeless and jobless. Currently staying with family until we pick up our home on wheels in 2 days.

I feel about 5000 lbs lighter in my soul. Letting go of material possessions…who knew it could feel this good.

Thank you Universe.



  1. And, the adventure(s) begin!! Love the picture, so happy for you and Scott…..give me one day warning and you can park at my place for however long you care to stay!! XXOO


  2. I went blue verging on black after I discovered that I cannot live across America in an Air Stream. See: http://www.ohwriteme.com/2016/09/outta-here.html. Physical limitations are to blame but it hurt so much. Disappointment after years of planning can be devastating. All my plans and dreams were left to die. My mister gave me an Air Stream charm from James Avery for Christmas. It makes me feel better, but this blog just helped me let go graciously. I will enjoy following you two.

    Thank you.

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    • Limnerc, I’m so sorry to hear your plans did not work out. Maybe there is something even better in store for you… the Airstream charm sounds lovely and sweet. Thank you so much for commenting and welcome welcome! So glad you’re here.


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