Camping with The Bobs

It’s been a helluva a ride.


We’re currently in the mountains in Arizona camped with The Band of Boondockers, The Bobs, a small band of nomads creating a nomadic community. Fun and interesting people parked in a meadow surrounded by pine trees under blue skies. We’ve only been here a couple of days and already it feels like home. Of course, that’s because wherever I go, I’m home. That’s a strange and wonderful thing.


The first night we spent around a campfire listening to music from the Dear Leader’s vast collection and amazing sound system. I could feel the trees dancing around us and their gentle applause. Last night we huddled into one of the trailers and watched tv and then spent a few hours in deep and open conversation. During the days we’re pretty much each doing our own thing. A perfect combination of solitude and community.


I found this on Instagram today:


The universe does this thing, where it aligns you with people, things and situations that match your vibration.

The higher you’re vibrating, the more you will attract things that are beneficial to your well-being.







  1. This is such an extraordinary ride you’re on, and the thing that blows my mind is that you both created this, very intentionally, and not necessarily easily, and now your vibration is off the charts. I feel it here. I’m trying to learn from you, you two kindred beings, whose souls created this parallel world to the one I live in, to inspire me, to give me hope, to live into your dreams. I continue to be in awe.


  2. What a beautiful thing to say Rosemary! Thank you! It makes me happy to think we inspire you. Thank you for being so open and for being here with us on this adventure. We look forward to meeting you someday in the flesh. Wouldn’t that be something? XXOO


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