Birds Will Shit on You

We spent last week in Mesa, AZ. visiting with my son Peter and his wife Pam. They were here for a bodybuilding competition and we were there cheering him on. It was such a great visit. They are an amazing couple. Peter put in an incredible amount of heart and hard work and it paid off, he looked awesome. Props for all the dedication, determination and grit it took to get where he is. I am in awe and I could not be prouder of him and Pam is the girl to have in your corner. Super supportive, smart and beautiful. A gem.

And Mesa! Who knew? Hotter than Hades but we found an RV park with a super large pool and brand new facilities for a great price. It’s not Snowbird season yet so the place was kind of ghost town. Perfect! We found great places to eat fantastic food. Lots of farm to table, clean and green food. So nice to see this becoming a trend. Grabbagreen, Overeasy, The Cutting Board and Republica Empanada! So good.

We also managed a quick visit to the Mesa Art Museum where we discovered Daniel Martin Diaz. He had a showing of his drawings based on Milton’s poem Paradise Lost. It blew my tiny mind wide open. Thank you internet and DMD for having a website where I can take my time looking at your work.




When in the big city, we also like to take in a movie if there is one worth watching. That is not usually the case but this time we found one. The Wilderpeople. Go see it! Hilarious and beautiful. Shot in New Zealand, it’s the story of an unwanted foster child and his wild adventure towards finding family.

We had a short and sweet visit with Scott’s grandmother before heading back up to Sedona for a few days of cooler temps and hiking! We came back to the same spot we had on our way down to Mesa last week and found a group of cyclist women having a retreat. The spot is big enough for all of us and little did we know those girls would be my new best friends before the day was over.

We decided to ride a few miles down the road to the Palatki Ruins our first morning. It was a long hot and muggy ride for me up hills and I wasn’t feeling too great so we turned around and I was really loving the downhill until I lost control on that gravel washboard road and went down hard, ate a bit of gravel. First time that’s happened since I was a kid and guess what? That shit hurts a lot more when you’re an old broad. Shoulder, elbow, knee and hip tore up and hurting. I’m sure I’ll feel it more in the next couple of days. So much for all the hiking I had planned.  I’m not even up to hobbling.


Paige, Max and Ash…and Rider


So…Sedona.  What’s up? First time we tried to visit, we had to turn around and go back to Flagstaff  because the heat was just too much and forget about finding any hook-ups. It’s boondock or bust. Second time was good but we had only one night. This time, not a great start, though I felt super lucky to have the girl cyclists in camp. Scott rode back about a half mile to get the truck but forgot the keys. Cyclist girls to the rescue ! They dropped what they were doing to come and scoop me up. A BIG THANK YOU!!! to Paige, Ash and Max for  bringing me home.

I was kinda not feeling a whole lot of Sedona love at this point but then…

We went to lunch at Cafe Paleo Brio. That cheered me up. They have bone broth on the menu y’all and kombucha & vodka for happy hour. Among other goodness and it’s decorated like a cave!

I have this app on my phone called Field Trip and it pings out when we’re driving by anything of interest.  From the Historical to the Metaphysical. It pinged out Rahelio Mystic Tours here in Sedona as we were driving to lunch. There was a short article in Sunset magazine and a link to his website. Sweat Lodges, Sedona Vortex tours, Astrology, Shamanic healing. He does it all. There’s a lot of that kind of thing here. I chuckled as I read some of it to Scott after lunch and on our way to the grocery store.  So of course, Scott runs into Rahelio himself on the way out of the grocery store and makes a date for a sunset tour and if I can walk well enough by then I’ll be going too because that’s what we do.

“We are not there until we can say ‘yea’ to it all.”

Joseph Campbell


“As you proceed through life, following your own path, birds will shit on you. Don’t bother to brush it off.”

Joseph Campbell






Peter and Pam Mesa 2016


  1. Oh my goodness! So much news here! I hope you are healing nicely, my love!
    Your son! His wife! What interesting people we have given to this planet, eh?
    What’s the deal with bone broth? Seems like it’s the new thing. Kombucha with vodka? Really? Oh my goodness but you inspire and delight me.
    Love you to pieces. And that old man of yours too. Blessed be you both.


    • Bone broth Mary. It is the new thing. My cousin who has rheumathoid arthritis swears by it. It is rumored to heal leaky guts. Also a new thing. I remain dubious.
      I am healing but damn if it don’t hurt! Love you!


  2. Oh Yolie, that fall sounds like it shook you up bad. But healing is happening already and it sounds like bone broth will help! Never heard of it but will investigate because I have a touch of Arthur myself. If your cousin swears by it, it might be worth a try. What adventures you’re having out there on the wild trail. But move gently till your aches heal. I send big warm hugs and big warm love.


  3. I am so sorry you got banged up, it’s a real perspective shift, isn’t it? I had a year of bad spills and minor but debilitation injuries and I felt sorry for myself and pissed for a long time. I try to be super careful now, to try to avoid the bird shit life drops, and as always, hope for luck. What else can we do?

    Wishing you some luck, quick healing and many more wonderful adventures, wide open skies and hearts and some accident free biking in the future. xo


    • Oh I made a typo, I hate when that happens. And I forgot to say your son and his wife are amazing. Thanks for sharing them with us.


    • Ahh, thanks Mel! I’m feeling much better, cuts and bruises healing nicely. I’ve pulled a muscle though and that’s going to take a bit longer. Dang it!
      “What else can we do?” exactly! Hope for luck and proceed with caution but not too much! It’s a fine line isn’t it?
      Sending Big Love and Hugs to you!


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