Krampusnacht in Palm Springs


Those crazy boys are gone and I am so happy to be missing them.

It’s like the pain of childbirth. Unendurable while it’s happening but the memory fades enough to where some of us actually choose to do it again and again. It’s because they’re so dang cute.

So now we’re back to our quiet little lives in our tidy space ship. I never did get the full-fledged crud everyone else got. Maybe I will but I feel like I dodged that bullet. Thank you gods!

Winter has come to the fake desert and we have settled into a routine of sorts. Yoga, soaking, reading and trips into town. Palm Springs mostly. I liked it from the start and it continues to charm me. It has a definite Liberace gone wild vibe. Who doesn’t love that?

Today we had elevensies at Cheeky’s where we sat next to a couple of 50 something year old men who were discussing Harry Potter in great DETAIL for the entire meal. I had the Chilaquiles which do not win my coveted Best Chilaquiles Award and Himself had the Eggs Benedict which were served on a cheese scone. We’ll be going back for the french toast because… pannetone french toast w/ creme anglaise and fresh cranberry.

It’s Krampusnacht tonight. Hide your kids, hide your wife!


Be safe everybody!



    • Mary…I can hardly believe it’s almost a year now since we sat at your kitchen table and soaked in the love and light that is your life and family. I miss you too. I am so grateful for this life that made that possible!


    • Thank you Barbara. It’s an almost Christmas day miracle really. When you think about being enclosed in a 25 ft trailer with two really sick little boys, you think there’s no way I’m not getting it. I’m stunned and grateful.


  1. Mothers/ grandmothers have rock hard constitutions. I somehow knew you wouldn’t get sick. Biology knew it would be too much of a sh*t show if you did. I am glad you are in a peaceful space. Hugs and hugs.


    • Thank you Dear Rosemary! I’m actually quite surprised that I was spared as I always get whatever they have and they always seem to have something! But here I am. Fit and Grateful for it. Sending Big hugs.


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