It’s not all Unicorns farting rainbows…






Sometimes we find ourselves in a park between a Safeway and the world’s largest ammo depot in one of the most depressing towns I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes you catch a stomach bug and it holds on hard making you grateful for the unlimited water and showers at said park.

Sometimes mice invade your Airstream eating your quinoa. I’m not that crazy about quinoa anyway so I’m not going to cry about that.

Sometimes you listen to an interview with a kkk leader and a Latina journalist and he calls her a mongrel right to her face and it makes you cry because you’re a mongrel too and you can’t stomach the bold and gleeful way some people hate.



The fanciest and prettiest thing in this town. The sequined mini mart sign.






Every room in this charming motel had the same silver drapes in the windows. Your best bet for blocking alien transmissions.



Of course there’s beauty everywhere and I can usually catch glimpses in among the trash but this gift seems to have abandoned me for the moment. It will return, that much I know.








  1. Sigh….it is good for us, I think, to experience what so many other people in this country, the world, experience…knowing you can pull up stakes and move to the next town, a nicer town…not so easy for everyone. I hope you got over that bug! Great post (they all are!). I appreciate your perspectives and stories! Love that last pic… right on xoxoxo

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    • Thank you Lady Ti Di! I am so grateful that it’s easy for us to pick up and move when we want to! Still, there is nowhere to run and hide from humanity in it’s ugly forms, nor would I want to. No mud, no mud no lotus. Bug still hanging on!!! Thank you for being here. XXOO


  2. The thing of it is, we’re all mongrels. I read an article somewhere about alt-right people taking DNA tests and finding out they have ancestors from Africa. What does that do to their world view now? I’m sorry you’ve taken ill and in such an unlovely part of the country. We’ve been through that stretch of Nevada on the way to somewhere else. Good luck to you both, and here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, removal of the mice and a timely departure.

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    • Yes! Alison, I read that article too and this journalist confronted him with this possibility but he ran right over it with his own twisted logic. Logic, truth, compassion does not seem to make it’s way into some hearts and minds. Unlovely part of the country indeed!!! I did enjoy highway 50 though, a much more relaxing drive than the 80. We’re already enjoying much nicer views and temps in Mammoth, though this bug still lingers! And the mice are now being treated to peppermint soaked cotton balls. Trying every trick available. XXOO


    • Mary, My first thought when seeing one of these places is, How do people wind up here? My second is a prayer that it isn’t because they’ve broken down and are then stuck there forever as in some kind of fucked up Twilight Zone episode. XXOO


  3. I don’t know where you are, and I looked and found Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant. That’s not where you are, and there probably is not campground with lots of hot, running water, but the green fields around look so nice. I hope you are feeling better, and sooner.


    • Joanne, The ammo depot is in Hawthorne Nevada. I don’t recommend a visit. Luckily it was a quick stopover and really, I was so grateful for all that running water! Always a silver lining if you look long enough. Thanks for commenting!


  4. I love your theory about a twilight zone episode. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sequined sign before. Hope you are rid of both bug and mouse soon.

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    • Hi Barbara! Still not 100% but getting there. That was the first sequined sign I’ve ever seen, it was quite fabulous. Think it would look great on the airstream 😬 xxoo


  5. So sorry to hear you’ve been wrestling with that bug. Oh darling, feel better soon. I’m grateful you’ll soon be able to move on from that bleak town, but you know, I needed to see this post, to remember that some parts of this country are so bereft of the comforts i take for granted, and who would i be if i had been born and raised there. food for thought in these tumultuous times. be well, sweet Yolie. Park somewhere beautiful soon.

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