It didn’t even sneak up. It just went from Winter is Coming to Hello I’m here! Winter in the desert doesn’t look a whole lot different from Summer, Spring or Fall but it feels very different. I’m thankful the 3 digit temps are gone and I look forward to sewing up some warm clothes.

I wore my crocheted cap for this morning’s walk and I’m hooking up a sweater I hope works out. I started to knit this sweater about a month ago. Frogged it about 5 times, (no lie) and got the body done but when I tried it on I hated it so I frogged it again and am going in an entirely different direction. No matter how far down the wrong path you’ve gone, turn around. I embroidered that on a pillow once and I try and live by it when knitting or crocheting mostly. Not when cooking because going down the wrong path when cooking sometimes yields delicious surprises.

I joined a knit/crochet group that meets at the library once a week. There’s a woman that is embroidering the edges of a quinceañera skirt. It must be 6 yards around at least. Black satin, she’s been working on it for months and comes and sits for three uninterrupted hours each week just so she can get it done by Jan. She’s a monster. Then there’s a woman in her mid 80’s who is a master crocheter. She wears the most intricate and gorgeous crocheted tops she’s made herself and is always working on the laciest raciest bras I’ve ever seen. For herself. She giggles a lot. She’s kind of my hero.

There are young girls that come and crochet as well. It’s such a sweet thing. I’ve missed hanging out with people!

Here’s a picture of some of the blankets I crocheted during lock down.

I’ve lost count of how many I actually made. These are my favorites.


  1. My knitting group disbanded over lockdown. My card group did the same. I miss them both.
    Those blanket are wonderful. Do the white motifs have a little animal in the center?

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    • Oh Bummer Joanne! Hope you can get back to your groups soon! The white one does have little animals, what a great eye you have! I saw one on Ravelry with loose instructions on how to create one. That is my second one. The first was much better and lives with my grandaughter. So much fun to make. I really enjoyed the improvisational hooking. Thanks so much for appreciating.


    • It is wonderful to be around people again! I know the feeling that you’re hated by yarn. I have been working on a sweater for over a month and I am only now feeling like I might actually finish it. It’s been so uncooperative but yes, for the most part it is a contemplative past time.


  2. So great to see you posting here again, Yoli. You have been doing some lovely sewing work. Those dresses you created make me envious of their comfort and style. Great blankets, too. x0x0N2

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