desert chair

Himself is remodelling the bathroom. Since there is only one in this little house it is something of an inconvenience. Luckily we have the “clubhouse” by the pools where we can shower and use the facilities. It’s cold now though and there is no heat in the bathrooms so I usually soak in the hottest mineral tub and then take a shower. This is going on week 2. Or 3. I’ve lost all sense of time.

It’s all brought to mind how easily one slips into comfort. I turn the tap on and hot water streams out! There is a refrigerator with more food than we can eat in a week. Bottles and jars of condiments, sauces and jams.I flush the toilet and don’t give one second’s thought where my waste goes. I have a bidet! I wash dishes with the water flowing. I have a washing machine! It’s a tiny one but it does the job.

When we lived on the road we carefully conserved all water and power and though we had a shower in the Airstream we rarely used it. We’d shower in RV Parks where we’d also dump our waste and do our laundry. None of that seemed like a hassle. It was a system that worked well for us. I liked being mindful of what we needed and what we used.

I didn’t notice how comfortable I’d become until the bathroom went away. Moving here has been like slipping into a warm bath. How the lobster must feel before it’s too late.


  1. Yes, the lobster….hahahha. BUT, it IS interesting how easy it is to slip into comfort, as you said. Christmas eve of last year, I had a small house fire that pushed me to live in my art studio garage for several months. Luckily, my summer Covid project was constructing a rustic bath and composting toilet (a glorified bucket of shavings). Stay warm!

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    • Oh! sorry to hear about the fire. Must have been scary. A composting toilet is a beautiful thing! It’s good to get out of our comfort zone for a bit if only to remind us of our blessings. XOXO


  2. And then, my dear, there is the other end of the scale where people live in houses so huge that they don’t even have to see the other people who live there for weeks on end unless they run into each other by accident and there are so many bathrooms that if four of them were out of commission there would still be a spare. (I know this because I’m still watching Selling Sunset.)
    I hope it doesn’t take too long for that bathroom to be finished. It took Mr. Moon approximately three years to finish his bathroom. I am not kidding. But it sure is a nice bathroom!

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    • Oh Lloyd, as my daughter used to say before she learned the “real” word. I do hope our bathroom will take less time than that! It’s so crazy how some people live! When I watch those shows I feel like we’re almost not even the same species. lol XOXO


  3. I do hope the bathroom completes very quickly. Redoing the glass shower surround upstairs in our house took weeks because they measured wrong, then they scratched the glass and etc. etc. The saving grace of this house was the bathroom downstairs. We’re very comfortable here. We think about a travel trailer, but I would be stunned if we actually did it.

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    • Things always take longer than expected. An extra bathroom is a saving grace for sure and I encourage the travel trailer idea! It’s a perfect comfortable getaway and there are endless places to explore.


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