A new Lucy picture. Lucy anew.

We’ve been rebuilding our studio. Rewarding AND backbreaking. Mostly the Dishwasher’s back and my left shoulder. We’re almost done and it’s my favorite thing we’ve ever done (ok, maybe not my very favorite) but the biggest thing! In actual size. It’s only 12 x 20′ and it’s got these crisp, clean and heart wrenchingly dreamy looking french doors that open out to my flower & veggie garden (which is bustin‘ out! old English roses, oregano, Japanese eggplants, calendula, broccol rabe, zucchini, tomatoes, love in a mist, Jupiter’s beard, lilys and alliums, jasmine vines, lilac vines, poppies and daisys) and little lemongrass colored shutters with little white window boxes which I’ve already planted even though we don’t have the roofing on yet.

It’s stinkin‘ cute.

What I dream of as Summer is finally here. Warm, clear and blue sky days with Smoking Loon cabernet evenings. My summer reading New Yorker is here and I’m diligently practicing my Virabhadrasana (warrior pose 1 & 2). This isn’t as easy as it sounds. I always thought those poses simple, unchallenging. Au contraire mon frere.

this baby monitor
made me wonder and smile.
This is what it feels like watching my daughter right now. A moment ago I looked in on her and she was fine, she was ok. The next, she’s/we’re in outer space, there’s no gravity, nothing for her to hang on to.
Wait a minute while I tune it all in properly.

I’m missing my space and my supplies but I have this bag of fabric in my room with several started projects and I had this stitched portrait of Lu down at the bottom. I can’t even remember when I started it but I wanted to put my hands on some fabric and needle and thread and when I finished I decided she needed a little ribbon of brown leaves I’d seen at Birds of a Feather. Ta da


  1. you must, you must take more pics of your garden & your new space. sounds so charming. i do hope that one day i will be able to come & visit where you are. would you let me do that?your summer there sounds dreamy.


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