The Fortnight Lilys are blooming

It’s been a strange couple of weeks.
I hurt my back. Again. It’s getting better.

Every little thing that could go wrong at work went wrong and this afternoon I noticed the little gnomes that live on the balcony across the street are gone. I didn’t notice them leave and now that they’re gone I miss them.

Raj has started leaving again. Neighbor Jim says he’s noticed her escaping and taking walks down Main Street at dusk. She settles in after a while at the edge of the driveway where she watches the cars go by. He’s worried she’ll get hit by a car because she limps so badly and can’t move very fast. She’s wily though that Raj and she knows about cars and other things I can’t even imagine.

We’re almost finished with the studio but there is more work after that. Always more.
Hope I don’t stove out.

I'm listening

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