Happy Birthday Emily and Adieu Patricia

Happier Days for sure. I miss those. I miss seeing that goofy smile. These days it’s dark and gloomy around here. She’ll be chatting and laughing on the phone one minute and the next I’ve gone and spoiled it by asking a question or just being in the same room. I get the dead eye stare and silence and the quick getaway. It’s heartbreaking it is and Scottie tells me I should love her for who and what she is and I say I love her in spite of that. I can hardly stand looking at these early pictures anymore. I know this will all pass but today, this week, it’s a hot searing pain in my throat.

Happy Birthday baby.

Adieu Miss Patricia

This pretty little vignette taken at Miss Patricia’s beautiful little cottage on the farm. She leaves tomorrow for India to continue her study of Ayurvedic healing. I can’t imagine the Inn without her! She always had something witty to say and I so enjoyed ragging on everyone with her. Her twisted little french take on everything. So refreshing. Now there is Lori who I don’t think I’ll take to as well. She goes to church way too much. When she told Patricia that she went to church twice on Sundays and on Wednesday evenings Patricia said “Oh, you must be very bad”. With a straight face. Patricia said things like that all the time, deadpan. I’d watch people’s faces for the light to go on but mostly it didn’t. I won’t miss Super Cheap, her little terrorist Chihuahua who always tried to attack my Lucy and scared her to death. It’s a sad thing to watch a 50 lb Bulldog shiver with fear of a Chihuahua but even I was a little afraid of Super Cheap myself.
His name isn’t really Super Cheap it’s really Too Petit. Super Cheap was what some old lady thought Patricia was saying as she was trying to coax the little devil out from under the woman’s bed. He’d run into the woman’s house when Patricia was taking him for a walk. She always walked him without a leash because she wanted him to be free. I always imagined him squashed under the wheels of some car. Free at last.
Anyway, I will miss you Patricia! Bon Voyage.

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