thunder and lightning August 30, 2007

Yolande in full bloom. It almost looks like one of those paper flowers it’s so unreal. I hope it survives the beating we gave it this weekend. As it stands now it’s only a bunch of sticks in the ground and in some pots. But that is what the Mutabilis was just a few weeks, months ago and look at it now.

It’s a monster. Like the Yolande, it is not a grafted rose. I purchased it years ago at the San Jose Rose Garden when Charles Duncan and I were rose crazy enough to take our 2 very young daughters on a 4 hour road trip up to the Rose Festival held there every year. The Buff Beauty is also one from that trip that Charles decided he didn’t want. I’m ever grateful.

We had a real honest lightning and thunder storm the night before last. It woke us in the middle of the night and in the morning I could see the garden smiling. I don’t believe it’s ever rained here in August and I vaguely recall one other thunder and lightning storm in the 13 years I’ve been here.
Can I have some more please?

The Vermicomposter

I’m guessing not many people are excited by the thought of worms. Well…..maybe some freaks are. Like me. I am so proud of my little wormy bin. Years ago we had an in ground 4′ x 4′ vermicomposter which we forgot about after the first few months. It was way out in the back and I always forgot to dump my veggie clippings in it and then we started piling wood on it and in front of it and eventually the neighbors ivy vined covered it over. I always felt a little guilty about that so when I found that bag of worms last week I was thrilled and relieved. I had this empty bin in the attic from this years organizing frenzy and it just so happens to be the perfect shade of purple. Right now they’re happily rubbing themselves all over my peach skins, lettuce leaves and coffee grounds. Happy little worms.

I'm listening

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