Last weekends work

Scottie built the dogs a proper house complete with name above the door and many pillows inside.
The trash, recycle, and green waste now have a little home as well and we’re all happier for it.
No more mud and spider webs to crawl through, no ugly plastic dog kennel. Now the real test will be whether they go into their little abode when it rains as opposed to standing out in it whining which is what they usually do.

There was no work in the yard this weekend as Scottie took off for the desert and left me to my own devices and those devices included laying in the hammock reading and drinking my vodka mojito. I did water some but discovered our watering system for the ginkgo garden will not work. We’ve got a little bunny sprinkler that we set in the center of the garden and it gets to every corner. However, the little hens and chicks under the tree seem to get way more water than they’d like. They’ve begun to rot so I’ve had to use the hose and aim instead which I actually enjoy so…..

We spray painted our old metal motel chairs last weekend (before last) and man are they bright. Yes even for me. That key lime green has been toned down believe it or not with some leftover lemongrass paint from the shutters and trim but it still requires eye protection to look at straight on. The table’s marigold is also a bit over the top. I’d thought it would be a deeper orange. They are growing on me. Those chairs have been with us for years and have been through many incarnations. I think my favorite was when Scottie painted one in zebra stripes and the other like a cowhide. They’re old and rusty but they still rock and provide perfect seating for ginkgo garden viewing.

September and October are normally the best time of year here on the central coast and so far so good.
New plantings:
grasses in the pots in front of the studio and a coleus in a pot next to the Japanese maple.

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