Mid September in the garden

Enjoying every moment in the garden this month. If there is morning fog it burns off early and the days though getting shorter are clear and not too warm. It is sunny/hot though in front of the studio where I’ve cleaned up the pots a bit. I decided to go for simple and dramatic instead of color. I planted this feather grass

and this umbrella grass.

The roses we hacked a couple of weeks ago went into pots with some of the bacopa and the roses are already leafing out. If only they’d quit with the black spot and rust already!

The cabrones (aka gophers) were at work again in the central garden, leaving little hills of sifted dirt mounded outside the bed. This time in the Mary Rose bed. The rose doesn’t look bad and neither does the oregano beneath it so I’m not sure what they were after. The eggplants are still there and look none the worse. One plant has 3 or 4 little eggplants I think I’ll be eating next week. I also planted some broccoli rabe in pots a couple of weeks ago and they are leafing out nicely. I think I can probably keep those going all year. Perhaps the buried bottles may be working as that bed and the central be were the only ones I didn’t plant the bottles in and they did get the gaura in the central bed!

The ginkgo bed is also doing well. The lavender and sage her are stunning.

The woolly thyme is slowly spreading. Settling in. And two of the many nasturtium seeds have sprouted and though I was disappointed at such a paltry show, like Scottie said, you only need one of those. I think that will look splendid when it starts it’s creeping up and around all the blue in the lavender.

Scottie tackled the Cecile Bruner over the hammock this weekend. That was a job. Trimming that rose can feel like you’re wrestling a very large clawed cat. Pull out the peroxide and the band aids!

It’s a lot sunnier in that corner now and I have to remember not to do the laundry naked as the neighbors now have a clear view into our laundry room.

The Buddha was finally removed from the fish tank and now sports a glorious lime green patina across her cheeks.

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