My anise seeds and rose hips ready for my next liqueur. I was inspired to try my hand after tasting a delicious cocktail called The Last Word at first attempt, a ginger liqueur will be ready on Sunday. The second one an “absinthe” was ready last week. Mmmm. Tasty but needs less honey.
The seeds Moroccan blend of sweet peas. Moroccan because of the color, not the usual pale pinks and blues I’ve grown before but deeper shades of red and purple. I’ve readied the bed with my own compost and will spend some time nicking the seeds tonight for planting tomorrow.

The Messenger Bag. To go with my craigslist bicycle! I had the thing tuned up but it doesn’t shift gears very nicely. I don’t care. It still makes me feel like I’m 10 and it’s spring and I’m riding around the neighborhood with the whole summer ahead of me. It also makes me feel like I’m 51 and I’m Ed Harris as Jackson Pollack riding down the road with a box of beers, cigarette dangling out of my mouth swigging a beer. Also the hills pose a bit of a breathing problem. No matter. The Messenger Bag has a pocket for my cell phone, 911 on speed dial.I can’t believe how well this bag came together. I’ve had the fabric tucked away for years, a couple of pieces of upholstery samples a friend gave me. The handles turned out too long and I didn’t want to cut it and resew so I just folded it over itself and added a button to shorten it and now it fits nicely around my chest and out of the way for riding.

And the pottery (no pics yet). This has nothing to do with immediate gratification. It’s long periods of waiting between each step. The forming and carving or printing. The drying and then biscuit firing then the glazing and firing again. Weeks go by and the end result so far has been hideous. I am learning though from reading and head scratching and trial and error. I expect a masterpiece before the years end.
I finally finished those green socks. The second one doesn’t look EXACTLY like the first but close enough. I’ve started another pair for myself because I have to. So yeah.

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  1. I <>absolutely LOVE this bag!<> God, girl, you are so talented. One could carry anything in there… chicks… important secret papers, a lifetime's journal…..anything could be safe and sound in such and 'X' marks the spot sack 'o' wonders.You need to be selling these things. Offering them to those enamored of their singular charms.(Some people use temple bells and special breathing to let the birds fly outta their souls…..I just come here for a visit. Everything's ok now.)Karen


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