who likes to rock the party?

I’m a little bit tired of Mexican music.

I listen to it at least an hour a day at work. Maria likes to listen while she works in the kitchen. The station plays the same 3 or 4 songs over and over again until you feel like scooping your eyes out with fork.

Saturday night our neighbors had a party complete with bounce house and live Mariachi band on stage with speakers. It started at about 3 in the afternoon and by 5 the dogs stopped barking though whenever the children came close to our fence the dogs went off again and it’s not like you can call the alarm company and have them shut it down. Those beasts will only stop if you stand over them with a mallet and beat them. Continuously, cause one bop to the head doesn’t do it.

So our neighbor must have gotten wind of the fact that I’ll do pretty much anything for food. Including but not limited to disposing of the body. He brought over Tamales, Enchiladas, chips and condiments and a trough of Posole. Enough to feed many people and 3 dogs.

Any party that I don’t actually have to attend but still get to eat the food is my kinda party.


I'm listening

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