The bed under the maple tree was filled with snaps and poppies and daisies and flamingos. After we took everything out yesterday it turns out it’s really a tiny little planting bed so we scrounged up some johnny jump up volunteers from around the yard and planted them here. “Lasagna” style. After the Lasagna Gardening book which proposes a no digging planting method which I have modified to suit my own needs and shortcomings. Threw in some half baked compost, blood meal, bone meal, peat moss and mulch and called it done.
The book calls for a much deeper/higher (24″) layering of these things but I figure 3 or 4″ will be just fine. It’ll all melt down as it goes and I’ll just keep adding layers as I go AND I like the idea of using this half baked compost, which is not really compost yet but will be. Eventually.

The fence line is blooming with these sweet little lobelia and johnny’s and poppies.

Under the plum tree.

Filling out slowly by slowly. We’ve lost a few of the poppies we planted. Damn! We can’t seem to manage those very well though they did give some lovely blooms and made it through that horrible heat wave last week. 106 in Cambria!

Color coordinated house and garden.

lobelia seem to like it in the window box.

We’re done with the spring explosion of blooms and have a ton of cutting back to do. The Buff Beauty’s blossoms fried in the heat wave and neither one of us have been moved to dead head.
Next weekend maybe?

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