August 15 Rain?

Yes it’s true. It rained here this morning for about 5 minutes. And there was thunder and Raj cried about it. She carried on and on for about half hour before the fact and then settled in the casita.
Wonder of wonders. Rain!

All the plums are gone. The birds had their unfair share and I managed a couple of delectable desserts. I stood under the tree the other day and thanked her.

The johnny jump-ups we moved under the maple tree look sad and though they’ve dropped some seeds it will be a good while before we see anything come up there.

My eggplants are lush and big and beautiful and flowering. If it gets/stays warm I may even get a couple of eggplants out of the deal.

The tomato plant finally has some fruit! If all goes well I’ll be eating a tomato mozzarella salad in late September. Seems my good luck with tomatoes didn’t hold this year.

I’ve planted:
broccoli rabe
scarlet runner beans
seeds in the laundry room.
I read that starting seeds indoors makes for healthier stronger plants.

The broccoli rabe and romaine I planted in coffee tubs is doing nicely and should be ready to eat when I get back.

I’m planning on keeping the garden going all winter. At least with greens for eating.

I’ve got another avocado pit in water and some papaya seeds in the laundry room.
I can dream can’t I.

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