Home again home again

Back from a most beautiful week at Esalen. See thedishwasherstears.blogspot.com ratfuck post for a description. Really there weren’t that many people there with dreadlocks and the free range onion soup was truly delectable.

Finally I found the California Pat Johnson and I used to dream about when we were in high school. Sun, ocean, beautiful people in touch with their inner everything.

It was a difficult time to leave my nest but I’m so glad I did. Things in my brain and body shifted and made room for…

what’s to come.

This morning after my gym workout I stretched and felt loose and open in places I thought were locked up tight forever. Thai Massage is a beautiful thing. I highly recommend you find a practitioner and get one today! Or call me for an appointment.

Also I highly recommend a stay at Esalen. It will cure what ails you.
The food is dead good too.

I'm listening

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