Spring Refashion and Boiling Oranges

I can hardly believe it but spring is most definitely in the air. I know March is that tricky month where anything can happen but for the most part I think winter is ready to head out. My tulips are blooming! I’ve got enough daffodils and lilies to bring to the table almost everyday. It’s warm and sunny between rain storms. This is the time of year I’m usually tempted to start planting and though I vowed not to do that this year because it usually freezes a couple more times and kills off whatever little thing I’ve planted, I went ahead and bought some primroses because there they were at the Rite Aid for $1 all sparkly and sweet and I’ve wanted primroses for a long time but could never find any around town.
So that happened.

And I’ve gone ahead and made my refashion pledge official over at the Wardrobe Refashion site and here is my first official Refashion.

The sweater is from two men’s XL sweaters. The navy was (and still is!) a gorgeous Italian cashmere and the green ruffle taken from this

a merino wool polo. I used the bottom portion to make the ruffle around the edges and sleeves. It’s dreamy soft. The pants are made from another thrift store score.

And right now. Today. I’m boiling oranges.

for this Clementine Cake


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