You’d think I lived in Montana. I’ve shamefully ignored the garden the entire winter. And it doesn’t look half bad. This is definitely a result of all the work we’ve done putting in the “bones”. It made a huge impact when we defined everything by putting in all the paths and planting beds and we have such lovely weeds. Daisies and sour grass/clover! All cheerful little faces.
All the tulips I planted came up early and strangely. They bloomed as soon as they sprouted and then grew tall and somehow, even though I bought a huge bag of mixed colors all the pink ones are in the front garden and all the purple in the driveway. Go figure. They have become my favorite flower.
As my first order of spring garden business I dug up one of the beds in the central garden which I have designated the veggie garden this year. I relocated as much as I could from that bed to other beds and caged it and worked in all my beautiful compost and planted brussels sprouts.
One down, three to go.
It’s good to be out again.

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  1. goodness i am so inspired. i have a huge back yard & yet the garden has just started to take form. where to start. you look so good & eclectic at what you do. would love for you to come over & help me get started.


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