Japanese Millionaires and Plant Hospital

Here is my little plant hospital. It’s where I’m gathering all my volunteers, cuttings, seedlings, transplants and spent bulbs. This is only the beginning. I’ve spent the last 2-3 days digging in the dirt and moving stuff around. The weather is perfect for working. If only I could say the same for me. I’m more perfect for laying about and dreaming. All this work has left me bruised and battered. Really. My legs are covered in bruises and scratches I don’t remember getting and my arm was attacked by a rose thorn the size of my dog’s claw. It’s an angry swollen thing and makes me cry and whine like a baby at night.

And here is the second veggie bed. That innocent looking growth in the back left hand corner is The Killer Rose. Buff Beauty. She of the giant claw/thorns. Approach with extreme caution!
In this bed I have planted 4 little Japanese Millionaires (eggplants) and 5 Blue Lake Bush Beans.

They were sorry looking specimens from the get go but I was so excited to find these Japanese eggplants that I thought I’d give them a shot anyway. They seem to be doing OK. I will probably throw some lettuce seeds in between.
The other two beds are so lush with flowers at the moment I’ve decided to let them go for the time being. Instead I’ve started work on the back hill.
Slowly by slowly, as the Monk says.

I'm listening

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