Letting go of Abandonment issues

I finally got to the bed behind the Lair. It was filled with sweet grass and even a couple of nasturtiums. Brave little vines that they are. I tried not to pull them up but they are, for all their bravado, very delicate. It takes very little handling before their thick juice soaked stems snap. I’ll throw some seeds back there at the end of the season and see what happens. I think they like more sun than this though.

I discovered the old jade plant that’s been back in that corner since we moved here 12 years ago? It’s in beautiful shape so I made some cuttings and stuck them in around the Buddha along with a fern, some succulents and an ivy I’ll have to keep my eye on so it doesn’t take over the world!
This is not my ideal design for this bed but more a use what I’ve got and what suits for the moment.

The Monk told me to study and think on my abandonment issues so I also threw in some forget me not seeds. I hope that takes care of that.

Later in the afternoon I noticed a fat little Bluebird studying the whole area like he was looking to move in so I’m guessing that when those little forget me not seedlings appear, they’ll make for a tasty treat and a good lesson in letting go.

I'm listening

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