a positive regard for a higher principle

“Whosoever is in Your grace is neither slain nor conquered; and distress does not reach him either from afar or near.”
Rig-Veda (3.59.2

It’s raining today and it rained yesterday and it will probably rain tomorrow. This is good news for my seeds. Forget-get-nots, sweet peas, morning glories, arugula, rappini and spinach. The last three have already sprouted. I check the others with a hopeful heart each day.

I am doing some spring cleaning this week. I started with myself and am having a difficult time not eating sweet things and bacon. Yesterday I cleaned the studio and that helped to keep my mind off of Vietnamese Pork Sandwiches.
Today I’ll probably try sewing some scraps in the studio and try not to think of chocolate covered macaroons.

I'm listening

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