Lazy Gardening

Scott is painting the house. I am not helping at all. I seem to be in slug mode but not liking it much at all.
In spite of that I managed to plant some foxgloves, snapdragons, bacopa, basil, poblano chili and another little eggplant. I also potted up the Bird of Paradise and did some laundry.
It’s windy again and chilly but at least the sun is out. We had a couple of really hot days a week ago. 90 degrees. In April!
Here’s what it looks like around here…

The back deck. Moved the little $10 Japanese Maple back there to protect it from the wind and now I can see it from my bed.

Buff Beauty busting out. Also nice to see from the bedroom.

The Lair. Looking very festive with our Ikea curtains.

The deck behind the studio. The bamboo is starting to fill in that little bed. Soon it will be a wall and that little spot will be a private little nook.

Brussels sprouts and spinach. Looking great!

Little girl with apple hiding in among the poppies, daisies and bachelor buttons. The soon to be tomato and zucchini bed. Just don’t have the heart to tear out all those Bachelors about to bloom.

These succulents seem to like living in the old tool chest.

Mary Rose shows no signs of slowing and so is also being spared a move at this time. The Love-in-a-mist is also blooming here giving me pause.

That is all.

One comment

  1. ok so im confused. this is one of your blogs & then there is the hand studio one which doesnt let me comment. anyhow still checking in on you. mind if i ask for you to change my blog addy by adding a 3 at the end as blog world swallowed the other. loving the garden


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