The lair’s new curtains

The lair has new curtains! They dance in the wind.
This week we’ve had monster winds. I had to tie them down and they were fine but the mats and balls and pillows were blown hither and yon. Yoga and meditation in this lair is magical.


The brussels sprouts are buffing out and the spinach, broccoli rabe and arugula seeds have all sprouted. I’m still waiting on the sweet peas and morning glory. Come On!! Also the maple tree in the central garden has yet to sprout but the two others are looking grand. The ginkgo is also not doing much more than peeking out at this point while the plum tree is a cloud of white blossoms. And peaches!!!!! I’ve got peaches and this time we netted so I might just have a peach from our tree!! The lemon tree has blossoms and wow are they beautiful and fragrant.

I’m waiting for the Mary Rose to finish it’s bloom fest so I can dig it up and put her in a pot in front of the studio where she will get tons of sunlight and then I can proceed to plant my tomatoes in her spot. Same with the bachelor buttons. They’re just starting to bloom and I’ll maybe be able to transplant them on the back hill so they can naturalize along with those crazy daises all up on that hill.

It’s musical chairs in our yard at this point. Move this here and that there.

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